Bardo large bracelet

Inspired by ‘the beauty of imperfection’ and made using Water Casting, the Bardo bracelet derives from the age-old process of Lost Wax Casting.

Residual fine silver from the traditional casting process is collected, melted down and dropped into water to create beads to recycle. By experimenting with the water drop process, adapting the height and size of the molten metal droplets that fall into the water, we influence the forms created at this stage of the process and use the silver in a zero waste single cycle.

Each large charm we create in the water has its own unique form and character. It has a freshwater finish, a mysterious calm matte tone created when the molten silver plunges into cold water and solidifies quickly.

The silver nugget charm is paired with a bold, rhodium finished silver chain, giving a fresh two tone palette.

Created as a sign of optimism, each bracelet we create is a one-off piece that has evolved from fresh eyes on an age-old technique.

The Bardo (meaning Water) bracelet is a current and thoughtful piece of jewellery, representing positivity, change, and responsibility.

Dimensions. Charm, 15-18mm fine silver. Chain, 23cm rhodium plated 925 silver.

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