Bancroft matte gold diamond necklace

Inspired by the journey of an Ocean Diamond this designer gold necklace celebrates the hand-picked, responsible diamond’s journey from the earth’s crust to the ocean bed.

Based in Cornwall, Ocean Diamonds is a leading specialist in marine diamonds, working with skilled divers and expert artisans to consciously source and carefully certify one of nature’s most precious gifts – the diamond.

An Ocean Diamond is a sustainably sourced alluvial diamond. These diamonds started their journey to the sea billions of years ago, carried by the rivers and eventually settling in the seabeds off the coasts of Namibia and South Africa where they are artfully uncovered by responsible diamond divers.

The Bancroft 9ct gold designer diamond necklace is inspired by the way in which the diamond get gently wedges against other minerals in along their journey and on the seabed. Each raw diamond is loosely placed into our pendant mould. Wax is pressure blasted into the mould trapping the diamond as it fills the space. Each piece is cast slowly and expertly with the diamond in place, paying homage its journey through the jewellery.

Each pendant is gently barrelled, giving it a stonewashed finish, as if it has been washed up on a coastal shore. The diamond is beautifully raw, freshly picked from the ocean, untouched and natural, to create a genuine one of a kind diamond necklace.

From seabed to surface, Ocean Diamonds celebrate the power of the ocean in every stone with the diamond’s wild and brilliant nature. Only the most resilient diamonds make it to the sea and their journey gives each stone a beautiful clarity created by nature. 

The Bancroft diamond necklace uses a raw Ocean Diamond c.0.3-0.4 carat paired with recycled 9 carat gold pendant and cable chain. Each necklace comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for the pendant and the diamond.Dimensions. Pendant, ø21mm x w4mm. Chain, 50cm.

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