Alice Made This Willard silver necklace

September 26, 2022

Collaborating with expert forger Vincent Jack we create the Forge Collection, celebrating raw metals and exploring how metals can be hand worked to look fluid, malleable and organic.The Willard hand forged silver necklace with stainless steel is inspired by imperfection. Created to symbolise human nature, our beautiful imperfections make us who we are, and the Willard designer necklace is a celebration of this individuality.

Once perfectly precision turned with our engineers in aerospace grade stainless steel, we use the art of forging to deform and add texture to each piece, creating beautiful imperfections.

Our silver pieces are hot forged to offer a brutal yet refined appeal. These pieces are placed into the forge until they are red hot. At approximately 1200 degrees, they are removed from the heat and struck using our bespoke texture tools. Each piece is wire brushed to remove the heat scales, before being cooled, cleaned, and polished. The result is a crude yet elegant form that has its own unique finish.

The Willard hand forged necklace is a great gift idea, a reminder that imperfection is wonderful and should always be celebrated. Statement designer necklaces to wear with pride and confidence.

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