Alice Made This Joyce gold & silver necklace

September 28, 2022

Collaborating with expert forger Vincent Jack we create the Forge Collection, celebrating raw metals and exploring how metals can be hand worked to look fluid, malleable, and organic.The Joyce gold and silver hand forged necklace is inspired by imperfection. Created to symbolise human nature, our beautiful imperfections make us who we are, and the Joyce forged necklace is a celebration of this individuality.

Once perfectly precision turned with our engineers in aerospace grade brass, we use the art of forging to deform and add texture to each piece, creating beautiful imperfections.

Our gold tone pieces are cold-forged, tapped and crafted to look crinkled and soft. Each piece is edge tapped by our expert forgers, struck in a different place every time so no two pieces are ever the same. Once deformed, we hand polish each piece to highlight its organic aesthetic.

The Joyce hand forged necklace is a great gift idea. A reminder that imperfection is wonderful and should always be celebrated. You can wear this designer necklace with pride and confidence.

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